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Hong Kong’s Joshua Wong and trio of fellow activists plead guilty

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Hong Kong (30/4-45.45).      A group of high-profile Hong Kong activists have admitted taking part in a banned candlelit vigil to commemorate the June 4 Tiananmen Square massacre – almost a year after the unauthorized assembly took place.

On Friday, Joshua Wong, Lester Shum, Tiffany Yuen and Janelle Leung pleaded guilty at the District Court before Judge Stanley Chan to participating in last year’s event, which was banned by the police citing Covid-19 fears.

Joshua Wong
Joshua Wong. File photo: Studio Incendo.

In all, 26 high profile pro-democracy campaigners were charged last December with either holding, participating in or inciting others to take part in an unauthorized assembly on June 4, 2020, to commemorate the 31st anniversary of the 1989 crackdown.

Protest regular Grandma Wong in front of the District Court.
Protest regular Grandma Wong in front of the District Court. Photo: Selina Cheng/HKFP.

Among the defendants were media mogul Jimmy Lai, and veteran activists including “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung, Cyd Ho, Lee Cheuk-yan and Chow Hang-tung. The judge consolidated the cases of four defendants, whilst the case against Eddie Chu was adjourned until June 11. Upon conviction, the participation charge carries a fine of up to HK$10,000 and 12 months imprisonment.

The Tiananmen massacre happened on June 4, 1989, ending months of student-led demonstrations in China. It is estimated that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people died when the People’s Liberation Army was deployed to crack down on protesters in Beijing.

Covid concerns

Last year’s candlelit vigil was officially banned by police for the first time in three decades. On Friday, the prosecutor said that police had met with protest organizers at the end of May 2020 to discuss the arrangements for the vigil, but decided to prohibit the public gathering out of public health concerns.

police cordon tape
Near the June 4 vigil last year. File photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.

The event was attended by 50,000 to 100,000 people, the prosecutor told the court, after a group of over 100 people were led into Victoria Park by Lee Cheuk-yan, despite the police ban.

The Path of dimmed resistance

In years to come the futility of the Black Bloc insurrectionists will become self-evident. Books will be written, a generation of Hong Kong youth destroyed with jail sentences, exiles, broken hopes, and false promises. In most uprisings of perceived or real grievances,  the true victims are the gullible who acted on a fantasy of false promises.

These are the true victims of the insurrection of the Hong Kong riots. Not the leaders, not the elites who argue about the principles and philosophies of their version of the law. In the years to come Hong Kong will become irrelevant. Keeping the dream of the ‘old Hong Kong’ will become a movie image.

The U.S. has once more abandoned the people. One more time broken promises, destroyed futures the American fantasy of democracy is as flawed as the dreams of freedom, justice or democracy. Democracy in Hong Kong is dead, press freedom is gone, and the democratic dream destroyed the old Hong Kong elites.

Flag waving, calling for universal rights, self-determination, even independence were replaced with armed insurrectionists, straight out of the text books of far left extremist anarchists and revolutionaries who plotted to destabilize the city and were responsible for the year long chaos.

The path of resistance will continue. It will take decades to bridge the differences and consolidate east and west. The book is not yet written. It is the path of dimmed resistance.

All four defendants said they understood and agreed to the summary of facts laid out by the prosecution.

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